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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Admin Login Finder

Today I am going to give you the information regarding that how hackers use to find admin login of any website. So just read this article to know more about it. It is one of the simplest task to find admin login for hacker’s. For this they just simply download the software “LOGIN FINDER”. To find the admin login hacker’s work in the following way:-
Step 1:- Firstly they download the software named.


and run it on their computer or laptops.
Password For The File is 123456
Click here to download Login Finder Link1
 Click here to download Logon Finder Link2
Step 2:- After being clicked on the laptop or computer, a box appear in front of them just like this-

Step 3:- Then they fill the URL of that website, which they want to know about its admin login.
Step 4:- After this click on scan button as shown in the above picture and it will show the results or will find the “Admin Login”.


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